Introduction to OSU CITR Lab

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Hello, welcome to the introduction page of my research unit, Control and Intelligent Transportation Research (CITR) Lab, during my Ph.D. time. Our lab is part of the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) at The Ohio State University.

CITR is led by Dr. Umit Ozguner with other two faculty, Dr. Keith Redmill and Dr. Lisa Fiorentini. We conduct research related to autonomous driving and intelligent transportation. Our research interests include robotics, intelligent systems, computer vision, and machine learning. They are mostly applied into the detection, behavior prediction, decision making, control, and coordination of autonomous or semi-autonomous cooperative mobile systems.

Below is a list of current active research directions:

  • Autonomous maneuvers to handle different pedestrian interaction scenarios
  • Data-driven autonomous vehicle control (reinforcement learning)
  • Decision-making, planning, and control for automated vehicles in critical or adversarial scenarios
  • Modeling and simulation of mixed traffic interaction (pedestrian dense scenario)
  • Intention recognition and behavior prediction of traffic participants

This is a brief introduction of my lab, Control and Intelligent Transportation Research (CITR), at The Ohio State University.

Our lab also has several hardware testbeds (experiment vehicles, sensors, etc.) and simulation platforms that were developed during the past years. See this page for detail.

Collaborations are welcome. Feel free to contact either me or Dr. Umit Ozguner.